Deleted Photos and How to get them Back

Deleted Photos and How to get them Back

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Recover Deleted Photos?

What would you do if accidentally you deleted a surfeit of pictures from your phone? You would probably be frustrated and wonder how to get them back. Here are the best apps that do just that!

Deleted Photo Recovery

This is a photo recovery app for Android that has the capability to recover deleted photos from your Android device. These photos could have either been deleted from phone storage or external storage. Once recovered, Deleted Photo Recovery will restore them back to your gallery.

DigDeep Image Recovery

DigDeep is a photo recovery for Android which can help you recover deleted photos with ease. Once launched, the app scans your device and restores all the images that have ever been deleted from your device, including ones about which you may have forgotten.


DiskDigger doesn’t just recover images from your Android device but even from SD cards, digital cameras and USB drives as well. It also has a desktop application that can scan hard drives. By purchasing the premium version you can also restore music, videos, text files and messages.